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Any travel operator can connect to Hotel Trader and receive rates & availability from properties in our network.

Hotels are able to join the network and go-live in as little as 10 minutes. Seasoned travel operator integrations typically take anywhere from 1-4 weeks from sign-up to launch.

Burning Questions

  • Hotel Trader has a single source of inventory for every hotel we partner with. We don’t aggregate supply from 3rd parties so rates and availability are always directly from the main data source.
  • The end client is visible to hotels in order to establish assurance of where inventory is being sold. Rate parity is always top of mind in the distribution ecosystem and having transparency is the key to building stronger relationships in the supply chain.
  • Hotel Trader is able to provide the hotel confirmation number on every booking in real-time.
  • As an automated system, Hotel Trader has lower distribution costs than typical 3rd party suppliers.
  • Hotel Trader does not cache rates - all rates & availability in our system are updated in real-time. Say goodbye to booking errors and failures due to upstream caching and aggregation systems.

Hotel Trader is focused on automation in order to keep distribution costs as low as possible. This benefits the entire supply chain by allowing hotels and travel operators to maximize profit. For this reason we provide limited human support services and prefer to continue building automated tools to help partners self service. Of course our team is always here to help answer questions and if you have suggestions for new functionality please let us know!

Yes we provide a free service to all partners. Hotel Trader makes money based on the volume of sales through our platform - so we are always incentivized to optimize connectivity and develop stronger partnerships throughout the network.

Please reach out to a Hotel Trader representative to find out more about our current partners. We have 500+ properties and 45+ leading travel agencies already connected.

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