100% Automated & Cloud-Based B2B Distribution. Directly Embedded and Controlled in the Central Reservation System (CRS).
Our Focus on Automation Means Optimum Distribution with No Resource Allocation Required.
Hotel Trader understands the nuances of API integrations and the friction created with legacy technologies, which is why we don't settle for standard API implementations. By building out full CRS functionality, we support real-time property, rate plan, and room type creation for distribution to our expanding network of clients across the world. With Hotel Trader there are no limitations around restrictions, promotional pricing, or updates to static content. Plus, Hotel Trader's system audits all data flow to ensure what hotel's want to distribute ends up on the clients shelf.
Designed for Efficiency & Scalability
Consolidate Fragmented Demand
Add new distribution partners in perpetuity with no resource allocation. As Hotel Trader adds new demand partners hotels have direct access with no need for a contract, payment terms, sales, or technology deployment.
Eliminate switch platforms & channel manager fees.
Stop managing 20+ individual accounts, chasing payments, negotiating terms. Have real time to market promos and pricing.
Manage distribution directly from the CRS/PMS.
No Excel spreadsheets for content and mapping with 3rd party platforms. Eliminate all manual processes and gain back time. Real time actions result in real time revenue.
No more "black-box" distribution
All client names and sales production is transparent through all channels. By focusing on the customer that owns the booking we will reduce and eventually eliminate Best Rate Guarantee (BRG) challenges.
Hotel Trader Set-Up Takes Minutes, Not Months...
One Contract. One-Click Managed Distribution. Connect to Global Demand with the Click of a Button.
Hotel Trader offers One-Click Managed Distribution. Services include Operations, Contracting, Billing, Accounting, ARI Tracking, and Technical Development. By removing friction caused by manual and labor intensive processes, Hotel Trader increases visibility for hotels across all sales channels and puts hotel revenue managers back in the driver's seat with controls directly embedded within the CRS. Set-up is simple, we do all the heavy lifting behind the scenes through deep connectivity with your CRS provider.
Simple 3 Step Process:
  1. Sign Contract Online in CRS
  2. Select Rate Plans and Room Types to Distribute
  3. Go-Live with all Demand Clients Connected to Hotel Trader!
Contracting Made Easy
Expanding direct supply relationships should be easy, and managing them should be even easier. Hotel Trader manages all aspects of partnership between hotels and demand clients globally, allowing buyers to focus on selling!! All the benefits Hotels receive from distributing through Hotel Trader are passed on to demand clients connected to our automated system. Connecting to the Hotel Trader API gives your agency access to a growing portfolio of hotels with exclusive rates unlocked through proprietary Hotel Trader technology. Fortune 500 companies to regional retailers across the world use Hotel Trader to access rates & availability and facilitate bookings with our hotel partners. A simple, fast, and scalable solution for aggregating hotel supply and managing supplier connectivity.
Online Travel Agencies
B2B Wholesalers
Travel Management Companies (TMCs)
Loyalty & Redemption
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